Sunday, August 3, 2014


Hi again!

Baru je aku memuji line internetku…dia dah buat hal sekarang. Ye la, hari tu hari raya. So mostly neighbours balik kampong. Maka, line internet was good. Now, since they have come back it was problematic again. I am a Unifi customer and I placed my modem and stuffs in my bedroom. Coz I was thinking it would be easier since the technician had to only make a hole for the wiring straight from the telephone line pole to my bedroom (it is located exactly at the back of house and near my bedroom). At first it was superb coz if am not mistaken, I was among the earliest who subscribed to Unifi but time after time, the line was so bad. My only solution to this problem is to call for the technician to re-locate the modem to downstairs. Hope it works! 

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